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KODEGEAR Technologies provides cost-effective BPO support services for companies engaged in providing services related to Sports Analytics, Title Production Services, Video Indexing, Image Indexing, Document Indexing, Transcription, Contact Center, Inbound Outbound Services and Valuation Services

Prepress Services

Prepress is a crucial part of the publishing, advertising, and marketing industry. Today, one of the ideal choices for publishers across the world is to outsource prepress services and rid themselves of a huge burden of budgets and time. At KODEGEAR Technologies, we have a team of experienced digital prepress professionals who can help in customized graphics content production, redesign and conversion for print needs, help in typesetting and accurate proofing. With having a team with experience of over 19 years in Prepress, Artwork, Design and Pre-media services, our certified professionals can deliver high-quality digitization by leveraging the latest in technology. Outsourcing your prepress services requirements to us shall surely amplify the potentialities of your business in multiple ways. KODEGEAR Technologies is among the pioneer prepress companies in India having wide-ranging experience of providing a mix of cross-media, digital prepress services in print ready formats to customers from all around the world. A combination of all enviable virtues such as cost-effectiveness, resourcefulness, practical proficiency, speedy work execution and extensive experience has always compelled us to be one of the most sought out options when it comes to prepress services.

Creative Ad production

Advertisement production and execution requires dedicated professionals who can handle the high demand for the work involved in the process. If advertising or Ad Production is not your core competency, why not outsource your advertising services to KODEGEAR Technologies. We can assure you of quality services right from charting out a strategy to campaign designing to campaign execution. KODEGEAR Technologies skilled advertising and campaigning services team can provide strategic consulting services for customers including strategy planners, creative directors, copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, filmmakers, and photographers. Outsource to KODEGEAR Technologies and experience the best in advertising campaign services.

Logo Creation

An attractive logo is a superb communicator that epitomizes your business visually. A logo acts as the most important identity card for your brand of product or service. Without a well-designed and easily identifiable logo, it is next to impossible to get your voice heard in the crowd. So, it always makes good business sense to invest in an eye-catching logo creation. At KODEGEAR Technologies, our logo designers can seamlessly blend artistic creativity with the vision and mission of your enterprise. An expressive, simple and aesthetically appealing logo is one of the best marketing weapons that you can use to grab the mindshare of your customers right away. Our premium logo design services will clear the clutter and make your brand stand out in the competitive business market. Over the past 12 years, the logo designers at KODEGEAR Technologies have created great looking logos for numerous customers from every corner of the globe. By partnering with us for logo services, you need not have to worry about the outcome of your logo, as we will provide you with many samples of corporate logo designs to choose from. We have made our logo creation services not only artistic but also very affordable so that every company can get an eye-candy logo.

Graphic Design

Make your branding and marketing materials look distinct with innovative graphic design services from KODEGEAR Technologies. As unique and attractive designs are essential to make your brand look professional and attract customers, we provide the best possible design services that precisely cater to your business needs. However, doing it in-house may only add to your operational costs and not yield the desired results. Therefore it is better to outsource your design requirements to an experienced service provider like KODEGEAR Technologies. Our professional design services help your company gain a competitive edge and tackle the challenges associated with growth & marketing. Having been in the creative design industry for over a decade now, we can cater to all your design needs, be it your next brochure, logo, newsletter, business cards, etc.