business process outsourcing

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KODEGEAR Technologies provides cost-effective BPO support services for companies engaged in providing services related to Sports Analytics, Title Production Services, Video Indexing, Image Indexing, Document Indexing, Transcription, Contact Center, Inbound Outbound Services and Valuation Services.

Sports analytics

Our Sports Analytics changes everything related to professional athletics i.e recruiting, playing, coaching, marketing & also our ability to see the change at a granular level gives more control to those managing players and teams.


KODEGEAR Technologies enables customers across multiple industries to extract insights from their videos which in turn are used to improve consumer engagement and make videos more searchable, accessible, and monetizable.


We at KODEGEAR Technologies deliver high-quality digital images and index information in formats according to the requirements of our customers. We utilize highly innovative and sophisticated image processing techniques to acquire information from imagery.


At KODEGEAR Technologies we provide comprehensive, adaptable and affordable Document Indexing Services to help businesses run paper-free offices across the Globe.


We at KODEGEAR Technologies provide affordable transcription services that are a huge benefit to businesses and individuals alike, our services help you save a lot of time, expended energy and of course, value for money.

Contact Center

At KODEGEAR Technologies, as technology has evolved, our contact center has adapted and grown. Contact center trends have covered everything be its heavy volume of emails, social media, and both inbound and outbound traffic. We deliver highly trained staff and cutting edge technology to all of the clients, as well to our client’s customers. We offer each client a custom contact center service designed with your needs in mind.

Inbound and Outbound Services

KODEGEAR Technologies provides all kind of Inbound and Outbound customer service support to customers globally, inclusive of toll-free services, orders, and processing services, help desk support, technical support. KODEGEAR Technologies has a team of professionals those who like to sell and also those who like to provide customer service. Our Inbound Team consists of great listeners and problem solvers, while the outbound team is assertive, competitive and direct understanding. We are a Team of Professionals who enjoy human interaction, are friendly yet professional. We are strong communicators, whether via telephone, online or in person and at the same time good listeners who understand and interpret what the customer wants. We are problem resolvers, thorough, detail-oriented being patient and empathetic all along.